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Its Align

Shaft Alignment
(Pl input the Values of A1, A2, Radial & Axial Reading)

How to Use above Method.

First Check the Values of A1, A2 manually or by Frame Size of Motor as shown at Table At Bootom. Then Take the Radial and Axial 1st , 2nd ,3rd, 4th Side as Shown in below Pcture. Input the values in Above Cal C.

If Feet-1V are Positive then move the Motor First Feet Up & if Its Negative then Move Motor First Feet Down. Same apply For Feet-2V

And if Feet-1H are Positive then Move the Motor towards Right & If Its Negative then move Towards Left. Same apply for Feet-2H


One Day It wwll be Possible.

Dial Gauge Arrangemnt

Arrangement is Fix on Compressor Side And Dial Gauges are on Motor Sides

Saddle Tee Taping

Calculate the Vertical Distance "S" by an Equation S = H- (H² - ((SinØ)*B)² )

Make the Shaft Alignment Easier by Calculating Actual Horizontal & Vertical Mis-Alignment upto 0.001 mm of Motor Feet-1 & Feet-2.
For Multiple Readings & Virtual Visulisation You can use the Online Working Graph at Bottom.

Here are the Online Working Graph for Shaft Aligment
(Pl Input the Values in Colored Cells only)


This Graph are Showing the Actual Horizontal and Vertical Mis-Alignment of Motor Feet-1  and Feet-2. The Blue Line Represent Feet-1 and The Red Line Represent Feet-2.  For the value of A1, A2 pl refer the above Motor Data.